The Return Of The Jedi?

Hahaha so as the spring break comes to a close, I had one more stop. Well overall my weekend was great! Had tons of fun from arguing at diner table for silly stuff lol & from the laughs we shared throughout the whole weekend. But for the fun stuff here comes the pictures lol. (Now something that’s really funny is our room number which was 227 as in the the show hahah)



My room #


TiffsxIpodListen to Wheely Shit & We love we fight remix whole trip lol picture-065

Apple Juice x Text’n btw lol that’s the best apple juice idc haha but yea if that was like beer I would of been BOOZED up…far as text’n wise i was talking to my AMAZING friend the whole time =D….picture-068

Swimming w/ Twin lmaoo I know we frailll!!!


IM GONE! last photo of the trip



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