i am a big fan of kanye’s work it has had a major impact on me so i decided for my 18th id get a dope tattoo and whats better than the kanye bear.

He Got Heart


Hey guys you might remeber me from back in November i was the dude with the K.west Bear tattoo. Well during that time i was also listening to a mixtape called A Kid Named cudi (i think you know it) and it was just an outstandingly inspirational mixtape. Songs like “the prayer” “man on the moon” and how could we no forget “Day N Nite” that song helped me through a lot of hard things in my life and i connected to is so much lyric after lyric i realated more and more to it. So i went to my tattoo artist after i saw the Video for Day N Nite months later after vibing out to the song about every day and nite lol and he drew this up for me. This tattoo is a about a month old sorry it took me song long to post but what do you guys think?


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