Happy Mothers Day

So today was the day for all the moms in the world. I just hope that everyone mother’s enjoyed the day and for those who weren’t able to for any reason, I know and you know deep down you care for your mom and your mom cares for you. Now far as gifts (lol) dont be ashamed if you didnt get your mom a gift because I belive the best gift is being able to spend time with you mom and enjoying her presence..but on to my MOM! haha she got the works today..she complained about not being kool this past week so she got a iPhone & my pops but yea so she was hype lol but them she got sum flowers and all that stuff..but the best gift which was a gift for that I will dedicate to all three of my aunts ( aunty Dana*R.I.P* & aunty Helen) seen in the picture(mom dunks in top left corner haha)and another interesting thing we all sat down and ate dinner for the first time! FOOD WAS GREAT TOO! & Never knew how good sunny D was! Now as the night closes out..we had some good jokes and shared some good laughs but I cant wait to eat this icecream cake!!!!!!!!!!!



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