Monthly Archives: February 2010

The ‘Bad Barbie’ Book

Something most kids do who plays with barbies do in this day-and-age. Graphic designer Christine Faulkner, from no other then Brooklyn,has developed a clean and elegant format for a series by photographer David Levinthal titled Bad Barbie. The book, which features images of the infamous doll engaged in a variety of sexual acts, works to provide a sense of artistic seriousness and merit despite the seemingly humorous nature of some of the content.


Celebrate the L.O.V.E

So yea about my valentines day? It wasn’t nothing special because I really didn’t have no one special to celebrate this year. Aside from that i believe this is a “MONEY” holiday…by that i believe you should treat & show love to you loved one 365 days out the year, but on another note I hope everyone enjoyed there’s.