The ‘Bad Barbie’ Book

Something most kids do who plays with barbies do in this day-and-age. Graphic designer Christine Faulkner, from no other then Brooklyn,has developed a clean and elegant format for a series by photographer David Levinthal titled Bad Barbie. The book, which features images of the infamous doll engaged in a variety of sexual acts, works to provide a sense of artistic seriousness and merit despite the seemingly humorous nature of some of the content.


Celebrate the L.O.V.E

So yea about my valentines day? It wasn’t nothing special because I really didn’t have no one special to celebrate this year. Aside from that i believe this is a “MONEY” holiday…by that i believe you should treat & show love to you loved one 365 days out the year, but on another note I hope everyone enjoyed there’s.

Hispanic Games

January 9,2010 was the Hispanic Games held at the Amory, which to me was one of the longest meets I been to in a while. It was a good day for track & the Amory was hosting teams from the Tri-State are and as far as DC. I seen some record breaking performances, competitive, and photo finished races. Overall, Freeport track team perform good in each and every event we ran in. Good Job guys.


Had to go to PETCO to pick up a few things needed for my dog!(new cage,food,clothes,toys) For some odd reason that store is kind of fun lol

Random Photos

Just some shots of my “TABLE OF JOY” featuring the human Pixar Lamp lol.


To my lil brother man. He is now 10 hitting the double digits lol. 😀 He is having a good one he also thanks everyone who wished him happy birthday as well.

Dream House

Check out this wonderful design by Marc Topilsky.