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The ‘Bad Barbie’ Book

Something most kids do who plays with barbies do in this day-and-age. Graphic designer Christine Faulkner, from no other then Brooklyn,has developed a clean and elegant format for a series by photographer David Levinthal titled Bad Barbie. The book, which features images of the infamous doll engaged in a variety of sexual acts, works to provide a sense of artistic seriousness and merit despite the seemingly humorous nature of some of the content.


Abstinence Project

This project was designed by the people at Gridnik Creative in an effort to stop teen pregnancy.

Lady Gaga x Barbies

Beijing artist Veik, put together a series of mini Gaga’s barbie dolls. These doll feature outfits from award shows, & music videos.

I Find This Clever..

Designed by Chow Hon Lam …im surprised that cop caught him to give him the ticket.

“Runaway Brain” Kubrick – Mickey

Based on Disney’s Academy Award nominated short film released in 1995 about a brain transplant gone awry, Medicom Toy recreated the deranged characters from the short film that are essentially both Julius.


Manual LED Clock

I like how you can set your own time. I would set it on the time I was born.

Bape Gets Ambushed

This collab will be very interesting!