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This intro for the upcoming DJ Hero game was produced by Framestore, and required 25 artists working for 15 weeks, to render this amazing animated piece. A staggering amount of work, yet you can clearly see every second of effort in this beautiful video. DJ Hero by Activision and FreeStyleGames hits stores on October 27th, 2009.


2k10 RANK

My Rank on 2k10 but now i sit @ 30-17!!!


Kanye + Many More in 2k10

Kanye West along with many other artist.





Playstation 4 concept by Tai Chiem

While Playstation 3 still has a few more years of left in its lifespan of relevancy, designer Tai Chiem has come up with a stunning concept of Playstation 4. The PS4 console would feature transparent surfaces made for adaptive touch screens, with a glossy black round compartment to place the discs of your choice. PS4 will give the gamer a unique cable-free gaming experience with its Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. Moreover, the transparent display of the main unit can show thumbnails of different part of a disc and allow the user to select a part by simply touching the respective thumbnail.





Daft Punk on Dj Hero

Electro-pop duo Daftpunk is set to feature on Activision’s DJ Hero game due for an October 27th, 2009 release. The game will also feature many other Dj’s and music artist with it’s soundtrack.


Week 1 Fantasy Football

Its just about over now. Look @ them scores I SMACKED!!! BEE GAY!(top left corner) Shout outs to the other people thats winning.


2k10 Trailer Featuring…

This is the 2nd 2k10 trailer featuring no other then Derek Rose. You know I can not wait till this game release.